Allen Bossard
Sr. Vice Commander - Marines

My earliest memories are of growing up around combat veterans of VFW Post 1635 in St Paul Minnesota. Serving our country was a way of life. My enlistment in the Marine Corps was not my Navy Veteran father’s first choice but I know he was proud.  In spring of 1968 I was in training and by November 22, 1968 I was on a 707 to Vietnam. My first day, in Vietnam, I was assigned to a communication platoon in the 11th engineer battalion. Combat Engineers are multi-faceted. 

Demolition platoons sweep roads in the mornings. Electrical and Aquatic platoons restore water and power to villages. Jungles plowed down and firebases built. All accomplished with a riffle on your back. My last duty was a battalion driver. My duty was to drive my Commanding Officer, to bases and projects along the DMZ. I finished my time in the Marine Corps at Camp LeJeune N. Carolina. I was assigned to a communication platoon in the 1st Marines 1st Division. In every way, I consider myself a "Lucky Marine.”


My personal mission in the VFW is to honor veterans by helping any way I can. To honor my parents, who were life time members of the VFW and Auxiliary. To connect with veterans in my community and make this a better place to live. I believe we need to show our community what importance veterans serve in being active members of our community.